Review Policy

I read Adult books for the most part. My favorite genres of books are Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, but I am willing to read other genres if the book interests me. (and most of the time, they will)

I reserve the right to give my honest opinion on all books that I review. That being said, I enjoy almost all books. Reading is fun for me, so I write my reviews on the way the books make me feel. I include my impressions of the plot and characters and parts of the book that I especially enjoyed, as well as my overall feelings on the book or series as a whole. 

If you send me a book for review it will automatically go right to the top of my to-be read pile. While I cannot always guarantee a review for every book, I do post reviews for about 98% of the books I read. If the book is an ARC I will wait to post my review until a few weeks before the release date. However, if you would like me to post my reviews at a certain time, or on any additional websites, please let me know and I am more than happy to accommodate your requests. I will also let you know once a review has been posted.

Thank you for visiting Rena Reviews and considering me to review your book!